Wednesday, August 15, 2007

School Starts Monday

Wow! Monday we start school all over the CAM area. Students at the high school will begin with an assembly in the gym and then go to homerooms to get locker assignments and talk about scheduling.

We had two staff members leave late in the year. Lynn Johnson is now Principal at Villisca High School and Connie Turner is moving to Williamsburg to teach English in that district.

We have regained the Woods teaching of Dean Downer from the C & M CSD to help in the shop. Larry Hunt and Rex Mehrhoff will be dividing up the AD duties (AD Being "activities director"). We currently are working on options to provide CAD and Intro to Engineering classes.

Kate Kelly will join us from Florida to teach English 10 and upper level English full time for Mrs. Turner as well as taking on Oral Communication.

Kim Peterson joins us from Guthrie Center and will be teaching physical science, chemistry and physics.

Matt Kuempel joins us as a special education teacher and assistant boys basketball coach.

Chris Jahnke is our new Head Volleyball coach and Franklin Dea is the Head Boys Basketball coach.

See you Monday!