Saturday, May 24, 2008

School's out for the Summer

The school year, formerly known as 2007-2008, is officially over.

Everyone is a year older and hopefully wiser. I know we learned a lot about each other, especially this year with the triumphs and tragedy we endured together.

We introduced new computers, policies and met a new administrator in Mr. Brazell. And now we say goodbye to Mr. Kuempel and Mrs. Bucey, two important cogs in our special education program.

Conference championships in volleyball and golf as well as a winning streak in football highlighted athletic accomplishments.

All-state musicians and speech performers as well as state and national FFA convention participants were a few activity highlights as well.

Look ahead we have added Project Lead the Way, a new program for students who want an active learning experience.

And for all of CAM schools we will be one-to-one computers to students at the start of of the 2008-2009 school year.

Have a great summer everyone! Remember - "A goodbye is not forever!"

Friday, May 9, 2008

Schedule for your future

Schedule for your future. Public education works...for those who choose to challenge themselves, take advantage of the opportunities offered and who attended regularly.

But it all starts with the schedule, one that follows the student's chosen pathway and one that pushes the student each year.

We have our materials on our website this year and are offering online registration. Students and parents can sit together at home and register for classes. Then they can review them and make changes themselves or call the school.

We have new programs, dual credit opportunities, IWCC classes all to consider.

Schedule for you and not to have an easy senior year or to be with your friends.

Today's economy will demand a lot from you when you leave high school

Get all of the free education that you can now.