Monday, May 13, 2013

"In Their Words"

Here is my 2013 Commencement Speech "In Their Own Words"

Each year I get a little nervous thinking of the proper things to say in regards to the graduating class.  Our superintendent and class speakers have shared words of wisdom, advice and some funny memories.  Traditionally I try to characterize the group, give you all a look into the impression they left on everyone at school as they graced our hallways.  This year instead of choosing my own words, I surveyed the class and asked them to describe their classmates in a one simple word or phrase.  

May I present to you the Class of 2013 - In  Their own Words.

Hannah - Sweet, Smart, Musical
Hunter - Funny, Cool, Outdoor-sy
Ryan - Class Clown or Two words Mud-Kip
Emily - Smart & Athletic, Beautiful
Tyler B. - Artistic, Reserved, Geniune
Jarrad - A Sweetheart, Cool and Kind-Hearted
Ashlyn - Quiet, Very nice, Generous
Chance - Motivated, Comical, Hard-worker
Shelby - Nice hair, very fun, Pretty
Veronica - Artistic, Colorful, caring
Dustin - The Ferg, Loud, Care-free
Kassidy - Strong Minded, Hard-worker, Funny
Carson - Outgoing, social, free-spirit
AhLEEsha - Responsible, giggly, Kind
Jenna - Organized, Good Dancer, Spanish Guru
Kaley - Sweet, Pretty Eyes, Photogenic
Ashlynn - Nicest person, friendly, colorful
Trevor - Determined, studious, Athletic
Alex - Mischievous, fun, DUUUUDE!
Amber - Rural, Outgoing, Country
Tyler S. - Farmer, Strong, Mellow
Nichelle - Unique, Friendly, Quiet
Matthew - Intelligent, dedicated, Rippped!
Shaley - Inspiring, A Cool Cat, Lots of Fun

Graduates, you are all of these adjectives and so much more.  Thank you for an incredible four years, you certainly have a lot going for you.  

Thank you.