Sunday, November 14, 2010

"Hey! My phone really is smart!"

I'm officially convinced my phone is smart enough to make me change some of my work patterns. For starters, I'm writing this blog traveling back from Chicago. I recently upgraded my Blackberry and have had three breakthrough moments inside of a week's time.

First off the syncing software working seamlessly with my Macbook. This means my calendar is synced, my contacts are synced and my to do lists are available. Now I can go to meetings armed with just my blackberry, not necessarily my laptop. Someone out there could comment there was software out there for my older Curve, but I'll counter with I had lost faith after three failed installs and I gave up a year ago.

Secondly, I have been installing APs and going to websites on my browser and things are working flawlessly. When I got my other Curve almost two years ago I found it hit or miss for success in websites loading or APs doing what they promised. They mashup pretty well together right now and in a weeks time I've found many things for work and leisure.

Lastly, the documents, Google APs and general application software and websites are very functional. They are not watered down barely functioning versions of the computer versions. I was able to check my student's blogs while riding to Chicago Friday and register their grades Friday night (from my laptop at the hotel).

All of that doesn't include the photo posts from the Iowa game, getting state playoff results for people, my reading everyone's tweets while watching my kids in the hotel pool and getting caught up with my Goggle Reader reading.

The big thing is my confidence in my previous phone was low, due to problems I had early. This one has worked flawlessly and my confidence is soaring now that my smartphone is really smart!

Friday, November 5, 2010

My newest wordle

Wordle: Mr. G

Our Web 2.0 class is finally getting to Wordle. I was going to do it sooner, but we hadn't started blogging. Hopefully they've done enough writing to gain some insight. Mine is totally different from what it was 10 months ago.