Monday, July 2, 2007

The summer moves forward

July 4th approaches and amidst the celebration of our nation's Declaration of Independence, teachers, students and yes, administrators sense a loss of their independence.

For me, with a new superintendent, new state guidelines, new technology, a new approach and hopefully alliance with the County in handling attendance issues, I've been working on next year non-stop since the doors hit the student's fannies on the last day of 2006-2007.

And that goes for a lot of teachers as well, traveling to curriculum meetings held true for five of our teachers in addition to four going with me to Chicago to meet with Apple Computer.

Secretaries have been putting a wraps on fiscal year 2006-2007 and doing what they do each month.

Custodial staff have been mowing, installing 10 projectors in various rooms and the library, mowing, doing the usual cleaning, mowing, mowing and working on various other projects.

The summer moves forward towards 2007-2008 and judging by the willingness and work done this year in preparation it points to a very successful upcoming year.

Just so it feels like we've kept our independence longer than it usually seems once July hits.

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