Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Technology update

Before conferences I sent out a letter encouraging everyone to come to conferences and that there would be documentation about the laptops available to sign. Well, as many of you asked and a lot of you figured out on your own that the documentation was not available, or ready for you to sign.

Right now the laptops are in classrooms and are being used by teachers there, but they are not available for students to check out. Teachers are sharing them to ensure that they have enough to use when needed while we try to finalize how and when the students get to check them out, or for the juniors, have them with them at all times.

We will have a meeting of all junior parents about their 1 to 1 laptops and information will be sent home to be signed about those that are being checked out by the other students. Students have been and will be trained on proper use and procedures involving the laptops as well during Homeroom time.

I appreciate everyone's patience, especially the students, in this matter as we have several network and paperwork issues to clear up before we can get parents together and roll them out to students.

At the very, very latest they will get them to start 2nd semester, but we're hopeful its after Thanksgiving.

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