Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hollywood ending

The disgruntled coach kicks the team out of practice right before the big tournament.

Team loses the first game of the tournament.

In the 2nd game a key player gets an intentional elbow that isn't called, plays on, goes to get medical attention and comes back motivated and leads the team to a win over their fiercest rival in an exciting back and forth contest.

In the third game things come together for a complete victory.

Everyone playing clears a big hurdle, players who hadn't scored pour points in and find confidence in their contribution to the two victories.

All in all a 2nd place finish in a tournament they were slated to go 0-3 and finish fourth.

The Hollywood ending happened for the 3rd grade CAM basketball team who had one just one game going into the weekend, losing 4 times collectively to the two teams they defeated Saturday.

The crowd was great, the games were fast paced, it was just a great day. Had we lost both games we'd been just as proud of the effort.

Things just plain fell together. Everyone contributed, bruised knees, bloody lips, a lot of sweat and a lot of smiles as they hustled their way to two considerable upset victories.

Playing Saturday were: Felicity Jackson, Kayle Meyer, Emma Dorsey, Anthony Erhman, Shianne Adams, Chelsea Adams, Cane Cooley, Kyler Jacobs, Brock Watson and Collin Giegerich. Christian Kinze couldn't make it Saturday, but was there all year.

Two plus months of practice and non-basketball lessons later and I haven't been prouder of a group of young people.

A good "Hollywood" way to end the season.

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