Monday, August 24, 2009

Bumps on the road of technology integration

I would be lying if I said our one-to-one has gotten off to a smooth start this year. We were pushing to get the computers to the kids on Thursday, then Friday and then had to settle on Monday.

Well, there's something in the air with Apple Computers and their wireless "airports" (play on words intended) and updating their firmware. So long story short is we're hoping for Wednesday, at the latest Friday to get the computers out to students.

The positive in all this is our teachers get to use the critical thinking skills to substitute any lessons that were relying on the Macbooks with either different lessons or find another source of technology to replace them. The good thing is the teachers have their computers and the airports are functioning for them at the moment.

For me it will be a "teachable moment" in faculty meetings, individual conferences and professional learning team gatherings.

For teachers and students they will have to go a little longer without the computers.

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