Monday, September 14, 2009

Mid-term approaching and JMC

The first date in grade analysis for the district is Friday, September 18th when the mid-term of the first quarter for 09-10 hits. Teachers will be balancing units grading and points which are supposed to run up to and on that date. But after the grade cut off, there is grading and entering so grades will be printed on Wednesday, September 23rd and sent out that day or the next morning.

Grades are available to all parents on our JMC online parent access page connected to our website. There are buttons for High School, Middle School and Elementary. You have an username and a password which can be provided to you by request from any of the school offices.

We ask that you focus on grades year round, instead of just at these flash points, because we have seen many students involved in activities find themselves ineligible and parents are frustrated.

Because we have grade checks weekly, teachers are required to update at least once and week and most update more than that, often posting assignments ahead of when their due.

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