Saturday, February 24, 2007

Dress Code

Every generation has their fashion and style. Some are acceptable, and some are not.

Several years ago it was "mid-riffs", young ladies with shirts that were up just below the bellybutton; There are, and always have been, T-shirt issues; more recently there were problems with female underwear that could be seen.

Now it's the guys turn. Low-riding pants that expose boxer or regular shorts. Just like their female counterparts, who were either wearing low cut jeans or underwear that were exposed, this is unacceptable. On a variety of levels that I feel I do not need to discuss.

Like cellphones we've had teachers and the adminstration who enforce it one way or another. I even stepped in one day and started handing rope out, giving out 12 strands in a day and 1/2. Again, we need a level of consistency since simply asking them to have them above their hips has not worked. In fact, more students are joining in wearing them low.

Again, we're talking about underwear that is out in public (and simply putting shorts there instead of boxers doesn't cut it either). Part of me wants to greet parents, who have trouble with us asking to have their students simply keep their pants, with my pants at the same level. See how long I'd hold my job, it would be short lived.

Our policy in a nutshell: If a staff member can visibly see whatever it is that is wore underneath and any time they will ask the student to go to Mrs. Meyer's room (The Room of Opportunity - ROO) and fix them. She will have something they can use (most likely green garden twine) to be sure their pants are up and always covering their undergarment.

Penalties: Again, we'll give them an opportunity to rectify the problem and after that, they will contact a parent from that the ROO and tell them they will be spending time there until the problem is corrected. In school and out of school suspensions as well as extra-curricular privileges being suspended will also come into play. Refusal to go to the ROO will result in a Blue Slip major violation rather than a minor violation which means community service, detention or Saturday school.

Even long sweatshirts that cover the backside will be addressed. Students often spend the entire day holding them up! Also their gait (how they walk) is affected and it can't be good on their back and how they distribute their weight.

It's plain and simply a dress code violation and it has to be addressed.

2 comments: said...

Mr. G. You did a great job explaining the cell phone and dress code policies.Thank you.

Jodi T said...

Mr Giegerich,

I didn't know that we had such a problem with low ride pants at school. I agree with the green twine string idea, but I wish I kept my rainbow suspenders from high school for I would have gladly loaned these for you to give some student who doesn't own a belt. When I was in school the student wearing inappropriate shirts had to wear them inside out or go home and change, and the parents were called.
I agree with the way you are handling these issues, and hopefully we never see our daughter with a green twine belt! :):)

Jodi Thelen