Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mid-term, eligibility, attendance and prom

Half-way through quarter number three. Grades and progress reports have been mailed and eligibility, more specifically ineligibility lists have been compiled.

Normally eligibility affects only those students involved in activities. Those not involved really face only the wrath of home pressures and consequences there.

However, CAM High School does use eligibility as a criteria for being able to attend prom. The past years we have used the end of the third quarter to determine if students are eligible to attend prom. We will do this again this year.

Prom is Saturday, May 3rd and the end of the third quarter is March 7th. Juniors and seniors who are eligible are invited to prom. However, many sophomores and freshmen are asked as dates and each of the past two years we've seen students who are ineligible asked unexpectedly only to be disappointed that they couldn't go because of grades.

There isn't much a student can do once March 7th passes and a student is ineligible.

There also are issues with unexcused absences or habitual attendance violators. Unserved detentions will keep a student from being eligible to attend prom.

I would encourage everyone to be aware of their situation and that things get taken care of sooner rather than later. Pass your classes and get to school and class on time.

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