Friday, February 1, 2008

Where did Quasemoto go?

We missed the bells.

For two weeks the halls of CAM High School were quiet. Well, quiet from the interruption of the hall bells telling students, teachers and everyone it's time to move.

Our "Quasemoto" blew an amp, a system as old as the original "Hutchback of Notre Dame". Brought from the former high school, it was gutted of it's wires, dust, transistors and all that remains is a brand new amp. Combined with the new phone system we have more power, features and capabilities in 1/4th the area.

The bells will sound different, weird, almost wrong. But they will sound.

It was interesting watching everyone, drifting from class to class. Personally I think everyone did a good job considering our clocks have their differences. Our five minute passing period was more like 10 and I'm sure the number of "tardies" decreased as our kind hearted staff couldn't hold students who were a minute or two tardy...they may have been released late.

It's funny. The kids that would be tardy in 6 minutes were tardy after 11. What's the saying about giving an inch?

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