Saturday, December 19, 2009

Stepping towards better classrooms

In the span of the last two weeks I have rapidly increased the development, and more importantly cultivation, of my "Professional Learning Network" PLN.

Next is getting my staff going with PLNs. You see we took technology, and provided staff with quality staff development. They received the computers months ahead of the students, they were giving over a year of staff training, guided by a very skilled AEA13 Technology consultant, Judy Griffin. We did it right by the "old model of Professional Development".

Guess what? Our results are not where I would like them to be despite doing it right, despite educating teachers first, despite old model quality support.

"When's Judy coming?" a teacher would say. Another, "Is Judy coming on the 14th?"

The "obvious" thought that came on last week during the Will Richardson day at Ames is - "Judy's available EVERY DAY!

Via email, Skype, Twitter, Yahoo and Blogger, Judy's out there and probably available. That's the theme or point I will repeatedly make, along with "I'm available", when moving my staff towards their own development of a PLN.

At the beginning of next semester, I am going to roll out some PLN information and show them what I am doing. They will be exposed to many of the things you all are exposed to and given a re-energizing plea from me to re-tool their blogs and work to keep them, and their websites, updated. But central, and first, develop a PLN.

And most importantly ... why am I asking them to do this. Why?

Because they need to understand the power of the PLN so they can look at how to expose our students to the power of the PLN.

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