Thursday, March 22, 2007


Yesterday we held our annual PBS Day at the High School. Two general speakers and four breakout sessions involved and spoke to students on a variety of subjects.

Our first speaker was Ted Weise. The CAM FFA program stepped up and paid to get him for the high school and middle school after seeing him present at National FFA Conference. "Ted", as he asked to be called, kept the kids moving and laughing for two hours while delivering a message on several topics including: Teamwork, overcoming the fear of failure, paradigm shift in attitude, being involved, and being part of the solution rather than part of the problem. His presentation was an overwhelming hit and had everyone having a good time.

Miss Iowa 2006 talked about Character Counts and their eight pillars as well as her background. She performed for the student body singing "Somewhere over the Rainbow".

During a split lunch the students watched a video that spoke about the global economy, technology and the effects these things will have on their future.

The four afternoon breakout sessions were: JEL (Just Eliminate Lies), St. Jude's in Adair, Eldora State Training school and Cass County Hospital. The students heard messages about health and the dangers of smoking as well as from students in the Eldora facility and people who are in treatment and who have made it out of treatment at St. Jude's.

There was fantastic attendance at school yesterday, so most everyone was part of a successful day.

A big thanks goes to the student council and Mr. Hunt, the FFA and Mr. Miller, the teachers and their involvement with the students during the program and all of the speakers involved with the day.

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