Sunday, April 1, 2007

Technology class wrapping up

The multi-media class, put on byAEA13s own Judy Griffin, will be ending on Monday. The class will culminate with every participant (or groups there off) showing what they can produce using iPhoto and iMovie.

It's been a fun and entertaining several weeks. Teachers have set up blogs to communicate with patrons about upcoming events and one even is using it to communicate with students.

I will be highlighting the accomplishments of the class at our "Community Meeting" in April as well as illustrating where we are going from here in terms of our technology grant.

I applaud the efforts of the staff and challenge them to continue to learn and grow with technology. It's easy to get excited about a new teaching tool, but we are all going to have the technology let us down. The best developed lesson, with or without technology, sometimes doesn't work. Using computers, projectors, power points, dvd, downloaded videos adds an element of Murphy's law not yet defined by Murphy.

Ask Mr. Miller. He produced two wonderfully put together slide shows for the FFA banquet Saturday night. We set the computer and projector up with speakers, tested it, went home, came back and the speakers didn't work. Add a faulty microphone and PA system to the mix and the music in the background wasn't heard very well.

But Mr. Miller did get to burn the slide shows on a DVD for the seniors to take with them. A keepsake for four years of hard work. The glass half-full says the technology came through with flying colors.

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