Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Look at the want ads

A stroll through the Sunday classifieds in the Des Moines Register has you walking through many different, technical and non-technical, high paying jobs that need people to fill them.

This trend is going to increase as Baby-Boomers leave the work force to drain Social Security dry. There is going to be opportunities in all areas for anyone to take. Anyone with a strong background in math, science and can communicate (English).

The two biggest misconceptions that students and parents have about high school, in my opinion, is 1) Math and Science are for nerds and is somehow genetic 2) They can get what they need after high school.

While a student can start being successful anytime in life, why not sooner rather than later? Or how about, why not when it's FREE rather than when it's paid for?

So what does "To Kill a Mockingbird" have to do with math, science and technical skills? Try the ability to budget time away from the T.V., the computer, the cellphone, the friends to read and prepare for the next class.

How about reading and comprehending literature so you can one day read and comprehend a complex textbook, or a complex manual, or a complex tutorial online?

"I just don't get math", or "I don't like Science", try "Reading's dumb", the student says.

"He just doesn't get math...doesn't like science...isn't much for reading" the parent says.

"I'm sorry he just doesn't get the job," the high paying employer says.

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