Monday, April 30, 2007

Student Permits

When you're a small school district, sharing classes with another small school district, student permits are a necessity especially if the student is active in extra-curricular activities. While it is a necessity it is also a privilege. One that could be easily taken away.

There are a host of guidelines (14 total) that the student, parent and I go over before a student permit is granted. When everyone leaves my office after that meeting I hope there is a clear understanding of the consequences involved if the guidelines are not followed.

Suspension of the license may result from:
* A single moving violation conviction;
* at fault chargeable accident
* a request from a peace officer, parent or guardian, school superintendent (or designee);
* or any other reason
attesting to violations of the guidelines. This could suspend the learners permit as well.

Revocation would occur if two or more moving violations occurred and that would mean two years from that time before you could gain your license.

I handle phone calls from the public and observations from parents and teachers by talking to the driver. Generally we discuss what the person said they saw and get the student's perspective. I then interject why that was (or in some cases wasn't) a violation of the guidelines.

I then request they speak with their parents and we follow up the next day on what was said and if they were given a punishment. I'll call the parents if the violation is serious or if the student is observed by multiple people on multiple occasions.

Some common misconceptions - You CAN transport students from your house to school (and back), but you CAN NOT pick them up; You have one direct route that you can travel once to get to school/activity/practice and ONCE to get back from said school/activity/practice. You CAN NOT get to school then go to Casey's or go home to get something you forgot.

I know we do not have a local police officer to work with to help monitor this, but all it takes is a credible adult and statement for the school to request (formally or informally) the suspension of the student's school permit.

If you want more information it's located in the Iowa Code Section 321.194.

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